Lavenders Green

So, we’ve mentioned the value we place on environmentally-friendly working, but how exactly do we ‘do’ green floristry? Read on to learn about the friendly-green-journey that our products follow wherever possible before they reach you…

Placing your order

Orders can be placed with Lavender’s Blue online or by phone, which can be quick and convenient for many of us with busy lives to juggle! As an added bonus, both these processes enable us to keep our paper-use to a minimum.

Sourcing flowers and foliage

With your Lavender’s Blue order safely placed, the question is, just where will your beautiful fresh blooms come from? Wherever possible, we source all our flowers in Britain (as close to a mile up the road, from organically managed stocks!) to keep carbon emissions through transport to a minimum. Thanks to the good old British weather this isn’t always possible however, and so some of our flowers are grown in other parts of Europe. We are however, always careful to research the origins of our flowers.

Constructing your arrangement

When it comes to assembling your arrangement, we strive to use biodegradable or recyclable materials. For example, the plastic tape, widely used by many other florists is out, and natural raffia or paper tape is in! Plastic dishes for foam arrangements, are a no-no, and biodegradable dishes are a big yes! Does this compromise the quality of our arrangements we hear you ask. The answer is not at all. All of our products are created to a high professional standard and are as robust and long lasting, as any other.

Waste disposal

Every last leaf of our green waste is composted and used in our cottage garden setting to develop the beautiful environment that inspires our work. As for the few non-biodegradable waste products we generate; these are recycled wherever possible.


All our deliveries (unless within walking distance!) are made in a vehicle that’s economical to run. Whenever we can, we combine deliveries to keep our mileage to a minimum and so avoid unnecessary pollution.

…so there you have it; the contribution made by Lavender’s Blue to environmentally-friendly working. Our contributions are of course constantly being updated. We’re open to new suggestions that we can adopt to help the environment, and regularly review all our methods to look for the greenest way of working!